What time should my child go to sleep?
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What time should my child go to sleep?

It is always the concern of every parent that their children get the best sleep. Good sleep is very vital to health and it should be treated as a priority. Apart from the best sleeping places, it is also important to consider the sleeping time. This article is time because it answers the question of when your child should go to sleep.

Between 6pm and 8pm

When evening comes, the children should be prepared to sleep. Between the ages of 5 and 12 years, children can sleep between these two time frames with a plus or minus fifteen minutes. Again, they should be trained to fall asleep at that time in order to establish a consistent routine. When a consistent routine is established, it comes out naturally that children fall asleep.

When the child is well fed

Children should never be left to sleep with empty stomachs. They should be fed appropriately `so that they get sleepy quickly. Even when children are sleepy, do not allow them to sleep hungry because they will wake up in the middle of the night. In the same way, they might not have adequate sleep and that can significantly affect them.

When the right environment is ready

Not all environments are conducive for children to sleep. The moment you want your child to sleep is when you realize that the right conditions are provided. The pets for example should be removed from the bedroom because they are a major distraction. The fur from dogs and cats are a major hindrance of breathing as it can lead to respiratory infections. Noise is also not good during sleeping time for children and it should be avoided.

When the child is comfortable

Comfort is the most important thing to a child. It shows that they are healthy and that they are not being troubled. When your child is comfortable, he/she will be able to sleep without disturbing. It feels bad to a parent when the child cannot get sleep. In most cases, that discomfort is caused by late nursing, thirst or even pain. When they are having such discomfort, a parent should be very keen to observe and ease the discomfort in the best possible way.

When the child is not crying

Throwing tantrums is the best way of communication for many children. It confirms that they are not comfortable and that they are troubled. In fact, they could be sick and that should not be used as a chance to silence them. It is not the best time to get the child to sleep if at all they are throwing tantrums.


To conclude, this article has been very instrumental in shedding light in regard to when a child should sleep. Most people who have questions of the time that children are supposed to sleep should read this article to get informed.

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