The growth of family influencers in 2020
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The growth of family influencers in 2020

The year 2020 has been pretty horrendous for the entire world. Covid-19 has thrown our lives into complete uproar and life as we knew it has been turned upside down. Family life has been hit particularly hard with families struggling to juggle work, childcare and managing their finances throughout this difficult period. Many parents have been turning to family influencers this year for all of those reasons and more.

Financial Help & Support

So many families have been struggling for money this year. Businesses have been forced to close and jobs have been lost around the world. We’ve all felt the pinch but some families have had it really tough.

With money tighter than ever, many parents have turned to the internet and influencers for tips on how to stretch their budgets further and even tips on how to make extra money where possible. Influencers have often been through or are living through similar circumstances and can offer first hand, practical support to parents struggling to make ends meet.

Emotional Support

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs there is even without throwing a global pandemic into the mix! I don’t know about you, but I am forever questioning whether I’m doing the right thing or feeling guilty for not spending enough time with each of my children. I find that watching parent bloggers helps me to realise that I am actually doing OK. I particularly like to follow parenting influencers who give a true insight into their family lives rather than just showing all of the positives. It helps us to see that other parents have the same struggles as we do.

Activities for the kids

Schools were closed for us for a large part of the year and this meant that the kids were at home with me for the majority of the time. My husband was still going out to work and I was still working from home. It was a really, really tough juggle. Parenting influencers who offered tips for keeping the kids busy and suggestions for how to juggle working/Mom life really helped me to get through this time!

Meal planning

Having the kids at home all the time always bumps up the grocery bill. For some reason, whenever they’re at home, my children are hungry ALL THE TIME! I know I’m not alone in that!

I’ve found it really helpful to watch parenting influencers to see how they manage the amount that their children eat during the day and limit the constant requests for snacks! I found tips from one influencer really useful. She suggested getting a small basket for each child and filling it up each morning with the snacks they were allowed to have throughout the day. This worked really well for us. It took the pressure off me, limited the number of requests for snacks when I was busy with work and meant the children had to take some responsibility for how they spread their snacks out throughout the day.

kids snacks

Following parenting influencers really has helped me to get through lockdown this year without feeling overwhelmed and stressed with all of the extra responsibilities I’ve had. It’s easy to see that parenting influencers have become even more important to us during 2020 and I believe they’ll continue to grow in popularity as we try to get through the difficult months ahead.

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