Single parents and dating

Single parents and dating

As a single parent, you will probably be used to putting your own needs at the very bottom of the pile. It’s only natural that you want to make sure your kids are happy and healthy before thinking about what you want or need for yourself. But if lockdown has taught me anything, it’s that I really need adult interaction in order to keep my mental health in check. Dating is just one of the ways that single parents get that all important interaction, and it’s been more difficult than ever whilst we’ve been living under Coronavirus restrictions.

Being a single parent in lockdown

Whilst we’ve all been stuck at home, our usual social lives have had to be put on the back burner. This has hit many single parents really hard, especially as the children have been forced to stay at home too. Juggling the kids 24/7, homeschooling, work commitments and all of the other jobs we usually have to fit in has been really tough. It’s at times like this that we could really do with some kind of escape! Unfortunately, going out for a good night out with friends or heading out for a date simply isn’t possible at the moment, but the internet has provided a really valuable alternative.

Online dating

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we have been able to stay in touch with people even though we can’t see them in person. And this has been perfect for single parents who want to enjoy dating too. Even in normal circumstances, online dating is a great way for single parents to meet new people. It means you don’t have to find childcare for the kids (which can be expensive and hard to find somebody you trust), and you don’t need to worry about stretching the finances in order to enjoy a night out. It’s a real win-win situation.

Dating app

Throughout lockdown, online dating sites such as Derbyshire singles, have provided a really valuable way for single parents to meet new people. These sites are great value for money as you can browse profiles from the comfort of your own home without all of the usual costs involved with going out for a date! Money is often tight for single parent families so online dating really does provide a great solution.

Dating locally

When online dating first became a “thing”, it was often the case that you would get chatting to people from all over the country, or even all over the world in some cases. Whilst long distance dating does work for some people, most of us would prefer to meet somebody fairly local, so that we give ourselves the best chance of making a success of any potential relationship. There are lots of local dating sites these days, take a look at this Derbyshire dating site as an example of what’s available. Eventually, you will want to meet up in person, and as a single parent, travelling any distance can be difficult. These local dating sites really do make it all so much easier!


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