Single Parent Dating Tips For Each Tier
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Single Parent Dating Tips For Each Tier

It’s been a tough year for all of us, but I really feel for single parents who have had to multi-task like never before. Not only that, but our social lives have been taken away from us and it’s those adult interactions that many single parents rely on in order to keep themselves sane! As we approach the end of the year, the restrictions placed on us are slowly starting to ease. But the tier system means that life as we knew it is still some way off. It’s been a long year for single parents and it’s vital that they get some kind of social interaction going again. Whether it’s dating or just chatting to another adult, it’s time to take action and make things work for you.

For the tier system to work, we shouldn’t leave our area to cross into another tier. Because of this, it’s essential that you only go out on a date with somebody who lives in the same area as you, so that you’re not breaking any of the rules. So, for example, if you live in the Norfolk area, you should only arrange to meet somebody else who lives locally for Norfolk dating.

Tier 1

Those lucky enough to be living in tier one have the fewest restrictions imposed upon them, but it’s only a really small proportion of the country that falls into this category.

pub date

In tier one, you can still meet up with people who aren’t in your household in the pub or at a restaurant. This is great news for single parents looking to date again as a meal out is a great way to spend a date.

Tier 2

In tier 2, the rules are stricter as you might expect! If you live in tier 2, then you can only meet up with people from other households outdoors in a public space. This means no meeting for a date in the pub or even in your garden.

In tier 2, it’s a little trickier to arrange a date, but it is still possible. You could meet up for a socially distanced walk somewhere special. For me, the perfect date would be a walk along the coast – I can’t think of anything more romantic!

Alternatively, in tier 3 you are allowed to eat outdoors in a pub beer garden. Many pubs and restaurants have worked really hard to make their outdoor areas warm and comfortable during the winter months, with added lighting too. It’s actually a really lovely way to spend a date!

Tier 3

The toughest restrictions of all come into play for those living in tier 3 areas. In these areas, you can only meet with people from other households in a really limited number of outdoor spaces, not including pub gardens! It’s more important than ever if you’re in tier 3 to make sure you don’t cross over into other areas just for a date! As tempting as it might be, it’s breaking the rules. Again, stick to dating locally such as Norfolk dating only if that’s where you live!

Again, a romantic walk is a lovely idea. Alternatively, you could arrange a virtual date via video call. You could make this feel a little extra special by dressing up and cooking the same meal. Virtual dates are also a great way to get around any childcare issues you may have too! It’s not easy to arrange childcare during the pandemic.

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