Single parent dating during lockdown

Single parent dating during lockdown

I don’t know about you but it kind of feels to me as though we’ve lived in some kind of lockdown forever! When I think back to how life used to be before the pandemic, it feels like some kind of impossible dream that never could have actually been reality. Our lives have definitely been turned upside down. I think the pandemic has been particularly hard for single parents who have all of a sudden lost their vital interactions with the outside world. For many single parents, dating played an important part in their lives, and whilst face-to-face dates have been taken away from us for now, it’s still possible to meet new people – you just need to think outside the box a little.

Online dating

I’ve talked before about the benefits of online dating for single parents. It really is a great way to start meeting new people without the worry of what you’re going to do with the kids! During lockdown and tier restrictions, online dating really has come into its own. All of a sudden, single parents have been forced to stay at home with the children and whilst of course we all love our kids, that can actually be a pretty lonely place to be – especially if you’re used to an active social life.


Online dating sites and agencies such as the dating agency Hertfordshire, have given us a vital lifeline. Many of us rely on the social interaction that we get from dating in order to give us some valuable contact with other adults. Being a single parent can be tough and sometimes we just need a little time out to enjoy ourselves.

As well as the social side, there’s also the fact that many single parents would love to be part of a long term relationship once again. Of course, that’s not going to be true for everybody, but it’s definitely the case for many. Dating gives us that valuable chance to maybe meet somebody special who we can start to build a life with.

Even though we can’t physically head out for dates at the moment, we can still enjoy getting to know other people and even socialising with them. We can do all of this virtually thanks to dating sites such as the Hertfordshire dating site. It’s really simple to set up a profile that shows off all your best bits, and then you’re free to start browsing the profiles of people you might like to start chatting to.

Once you’ve started up a conversation, you can arrange to have a virtual or video date which is perfect for single parents with young children even after all of the restrictions have been lifted.

Virtual Date Online

If you’re a single parent and you’ve been missing your date nights, then signing up to online dating could be just what you need to get back that all important bit of adult downtime you’ve been craving. We all need some time for ourselves, particularly when we’ve had so much to juggle over the last few months.

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