Must have remote-controlled toys this Christmas
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Must have remote-controlled toys this Christmas

Remote-controlled toys are always a huge hit in our house. Right from the youngest through to the oldest, all our kids love them. They’re great fun and there are so many different varieties of remote-controlled toy to choose from. We’ve been taking a look at some of the best options available this year.

Stunt Car

Our youngest child is forever getting his toys to perform stunts, even when they’re not designed for it. But this remote-controlled stunt car is specifically designed to perform impressive stunts.

Stunt Car

It can perform 360° Double Side Flips and never ending tumbles. It’s designed with ages 6-12 in mind, but I think this would be great fun for kids of all ages.

Racing Car

Kids love to race, speed really gets their adrenalin pumping! This remote-controlled drift truck was built with speed in mind.

remote-controlled drift truck

The kids can race against each other to their hearts content with up to 50 minutes play time per charge.

Robot Toy

Robot toys are so much fun and really spark the kids’ imagination. I love to see the different scenarios they set up and the different things they like to make their robot do!

Toy robot

With this robot toy, you can either use the remote control to make him move, or simply use hand gestures! How cool is that?!


Many young kids are fascinated by dinosaurs and this would make a brilliant gift for them. This dinosaur can roar, enter battles, and even dance to his favourite piece of music!

Dinosaur Robot

The dino is programmed to respond to touch commands as well as being moved with the remote control, making it really easy for the kids to take charge.


My kids are forever asking for us to get a dog, this would be a far better alternative for our house! This robot dog is able to bark, wink and walk, giving the kids hours of entertainment!

robot dog toy

If you’re looking to buy your children a remote-controlled toy this Christmas, then one of these would be a great choice!

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