Little things we're doing as a family to make more money
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Little things we’re doing as a family to make more money

Making extra money as a family can feel like a daunting task. But, even though times can be tough, there are still plenty of ways that you and your family can make healthy sums of additional income. Whether you want to make money so that you can save up for a specific goal, or you just need a little extra to get through each month, there are lots of ways you and your family can make extra money. Here are a few of the little things we’re doing to start making more money.

Selling on Vinted

Vinted is an online marketplace where you can easily sell clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. We’ve been doing this for several months now and so far it’s been incredibly successful. Plus it’s great because all we have to do is take some photos of our old clothes that we don’t wear anymore, upload them on the platform, wait for people to buy them and then dispatch them to their new home when they do! It’s easy money and it helps us declutter our wardrobes at the same time! Kids outgrow their clothes so quickly that it’s really worth doing this. We also like to buy clothes from Vinted too, you can get some real bargains that have hardly been worn.

Mystery Shopping

We’ve started doing mystery shopping as well. This involves going into specific stores or restaurants undercover and assessing customer service levels or product quality from the perspective of a normal customer. Then you get paid for your efforts! Some jobs may require you to purchase items – obviously, these will be reimbursed – but others only involve talking with staff members or secretly taking photos of the store and staff behaviour during your mission! As well as mystery shopping in stores, we’ve had a few restaurant visits to complete too which has meant we’ve been able to get a free meal as well as getting paid for reporting our findings.

Freelance Work

My husband and I have also started doing freelance work online, and there are lots of different options depending on your skills, such as writing and editing articles, designing websites or logos, virtual admin assistance etc. It’s great because the rate per hour really helps boost our income significantly over time – especially if you dedicate regular amounts of time per week to do this type of work consistently.

Selling our old tech

This isn’t something we’ve always done but it has been really helpful lately when combined with everything else listed above: selling our old tech items from smartphones through laptops all the way up to big gaming consoles whenever necessary has been very helpful in carving out some extra budget space. Obviously, this isn’t something that you can really keep up consistently, as once you’ve sold all your old tech then that’s it. But, it amazed me just how much money we had sitting around in drawers in our house, so it’s really worth doing.

selling old techSo many families need to increase their income at the moment. Everything is getting more expensive and our employers aren’t generally increasing our wages, so anything you can do as a family to bring in extra money can only be a good thing.

*This is a collaborative post.

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