How will our dating lives change after the pandemic?

How will our dating lives change after the pandemic?

As we come to end of 2020 I’m sure that most of us are hoping for a far better year next year! It has been an incredibly tough year for both our personal lives and for businesses too. Whilst I’m remaining optimistic that we will be able to get some kind of normality back in 2021, particularly once we have all received the Covid-19 vaccination, I am still a little unsure about whether we will ever get back to normal life as we knew it.

The way we interact with other people and how we socialise has been hit really hard throughout 2020 and this has had a huge impact on the dating industry. As well as all the various rules we have had to follow for social distancing, I think many people have had their confidence knocked this year too. Socialising and meeting up face to face has been something we’ve got out of the habit of doing this year, so it’s hardly surprising that many of us have lost a little self-confidence.

Dating after the pandemic

We are all hoping that the long awaited vaccination will mean that we are able to go back to our old ways of life and that mixing with people will be allowed in all venues once more. But even if we are allowed, I think that many of us have found some comfort in being able to do more and more things from the comfort of our own home – including dating!

comfort in online dating

As restrictions are lifted (all being well), I think that many people will still turn to local dating sites such as the Essex dating site in order to form new relationships. There are so many benefits to using a local platform such as this dating agency Essex which is why I think online dating will just continue to grow and flourish as we move out of Covid-19 restrictions.

Many of us have adapted and changed the way we live our lives so that we can do more from home than we ever have done before. Many of us are working from home and limiting the amount of time we spend in public places. In some ways, it has been really lovely to just slow down the pace and stop rushing around from one place to another. Online dating allows you to fit dating around your busy schedule.

For those of us with children, there are still more benefits to online dating. We can save money on childcare and still enjoy the company of another adult whilst not having to leave our homes.

Then there’s the financial benefit too. Dating can be expensive – all those meals and drinks out quickly add up, so if you’re living on a tight budget then online dating is a great way to cut back on your spending.

As we gradually see Coronavirus restrictions easing, I really do think people will still continue to use online dating services rather than arranging face to face dates, particularly in the very early days of dating at least.

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