How to create your own virtual party invitations
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How to create your own virtual party invitations

All of our children have missed out on their usual birthday celebrations this year as have most of the children across the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that family life has been far from normal. Parents across the globe have had to come up with new ways to ensure their children still get to celebrate their special days, even though parties haven’t been allowed to go ahead for some time.

Virtual Birthday Parties

One of the ways that people have been keeping in touch throughout lockdown and the various other restrictions we’ve been placed under has been to meet up virtually. Modern technology means that we can stay in touch in a way that wouldn’t have possible even ten years ago.

We have used things such as Facebook video calls, WhatsApp video calls and Zoom to keep in touch with friends and family and seeing each others’ faces has been really important to us. Speaking over the phone is great, but there’s nothing nicer than actually seeing each other, seeing facial reactions and even just glimpsing into the homes of the people we are so used to visiting has been a real life line for us.

I have been amazed at how well the kids have adapted to all of the restrictions on their lives, and they’ve coped really well with not being able to see their grandparents, but I have still had really bad moments where I’ve felt incredibly guilty about it all too. Deep down, I know this guilt is irrational, but as a parent you just want your children to have the best out of their lives!

Virtual birthday parties have become really popular this year as we have all adapted the way we live our lives in order to stop the spread of the virus whilst also giving our kids the parties

Virtual party

The beauty of these virtual parties is that the kids get to have a blast without leaving a trail of destruction behind them!

Virtual Party Invitations

As with any good party, the invitations to a virtual party play an important role! The invitation is the place where you can let everybody know the theme for the party as well as the time and date. For a virtual party, you will also need to be clear about how the attendees can get access to the party too. So you’ll need to be clear about the platform you’ll be using and any special link that will be needed to sign in on the day.

Sending out virtual invitations is a great way to get your party organised, as well as cutting down on any unnecessary use of paper too. Virtual invites can be sent out via email but they can be made to look really special and you can even get the children involved in making them too.

Designing and making virtual invitations is really easy to do, so even if you’re not the most tech-savvy person, you can still create something that looks really special. To make the invitations really unique, there are lots of free fonts available to download and use, and you can use a free tool such as to create your masterpieces!

free fonts

Choosing the right font really helps to make your invitations “pop”.

You should also think about your choice of colours too. Do you want your invitations to be bright, bold and colourful? Or are you planning one of the popular Harry Potter styled parties where darker colours would work better?

party invitation

Make sure your invitation really shows off any theme that you plan to have and lets the other parents know whether their kids should dress up etc.

Another lovely idea is to get party essentials dropped off at the other kids’ houses before the special day. This can be done really safely following social distancing guidelines! You could drop off some party food, party hat, birthday cake and a balloon at each child’s house by just leaving them on the doorstep, knocking and stepping back. Many parents will also want to give the birthday boy or girl a gift too, so you could arrange that to be left on the doorstep at the same time as you’re dropping off their party supplies! Doing little things like this means that each child will really feel a part of the party even though they can’t physically be together!

There are lots of really simple ways to make virtual parties really special for children during lockdown and these kinds of parties actually work out far cheaper and far less messy than the traditional parties we are all so used to as parents! I actually think that virtual parties might continue to be popular even after all the restrictions have been lifted.


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