How to cope with toddler tantrums
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How to cope with toddler tantrums

Toddlers are very quick at throwing tantrums as it is their way of communication. They become emotional, hungry, and thirsty or even uncomfortable. Their avenue of expressing discomfort is throwing tantrums. There are various ways through which you can cope with those tantrums as discussed in this article.

Establish a consistent routine

You can only be able to teach a child something when they are young. For that reason, you should be able to establish a routine that is consistent. Let the child know what to expect at a certain point and especially when they start throwing tantrums. After a while of being consistent, they will stop throwing tantrums.

Give positive attention

Children should be given plenty of attention when they start throwing tantrums. They don’t know how to express themselves in any other way. Any other time you notice the child getting uneasy, pay close attention to them. They might be hungry or experiencing discomfort and when you give them attention, they will stop throwing tantrums.

Let the toddler control little things

There must be little things around the house that the toddler can assume authority and control over. They include things like toys and you should not try to control the way they use them. When the toddlers get control over little things, they become busy and they will not even have time for throwing tantrums.

Let your child make choices

You should not force your child into things like sitting down or sleeping. If they don’t want to sleep, they will do that when the time comes. They can sit and sleep when they want so long as they are safe. At the time, let them make decisions and they will be very easy to handle. They will give you an easy time as you will not struggle to cool their tantrums.

Avoid circumstances that may lead to toddler tantrums

When you see a child being interested in something, let them be. Do not let the child be distracted because it will trigger discomfort. They will start yelling and you will have a difficult time. If the child is watching cartoons and they are comfortable, let them continue because any distraction will lead to a completely changed atmosphere. When you have objects that will make children cry, get them out of their reach because they can trigger tantrums.


To conclude, it is justifiable to say that there is a solution to child tantrums. Anyone can achieve a level of management in regard to toddler tantrums and cope with them as advised above.

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