Fun & cheap things to do with kids
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Fun & cheap things to do with kids

Engaging with kids does not require a lot of investment to make it effective. In fact, you can simplify it as possible and still have a great experience together. So long as the activities are generating fun, kids do not care whether it is cheap or not. In this article, we will discuss five cheap and fun things to do with kids.

Reading with marathon pace:

Children feel very good the moment they can read some words. It becomes a fun generating activity when you engage them in reading marathon. They actually want to prove that they can do what adults are capable of. In that way, you can have a marathon reading together and it will be very engaging. You only need a kid’s book and the rest will be fun.

Painting and drawing together:

At a very tender age, you will notice children falling in love with drawing. The moment they start holding pens and crayons, the next thing will be to leave their imprints. That is why they love writing and painting on walls no matter how much you try to prevent them. With just paints, pens and crayons, you can have very much fun together and they will love the experience.

Playing Smartphone games:

Every child is a game love and more especially smart phone games. They can do anything to get a favour of playing games on your phone. In that regard, you can imagine how exciting it can be for them if you play those games together. You would realize how engaged they would and determined to beat you in the games. It is more fulfilling and fun playing games with adults.

Swimming together:

Children love water and so is swimming. They like playing with water as it generates a lot of fun. If you can offer to swim with them, they would feel safe and secure. In fact, paying for swimming sessions is not expensive and that would create lasting memories for them. They would cherish every moment given an opportunity to swim with them.

Writing stories together:

Story telling forms a large part of who we are. Everyone has a story to tell, their age notwithstanding. That is why it is important to engage them in writing stories together. Sometimes they have so many stories to tell but they lack an audience. If you can encourage them to write stories and you do it with them, fun would be the epitome of that experience.


In conclusion, the above tips can be very fun and cheap to engage kids. As said earlier, it does not have to be expensive in order to generate fun. If the five shared tips can be leveraged by parents, it would create a lot of fun to their children.

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