Essentials every family should have in their medicine cupboard
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Essentials every family should have in their medicine cupboard

It is very important for every family to have a first aid kit. In that kit, various medicines are supposed to be present in order to take care of an emergency. An illness can appear unprecedented and the only instant help can be accessed through the first aid kit. This article discusses the most important essential that should be in a family medicine cupboard.


A family member may feel congested and fail to breathe properly. In that case, they will need urgent help just like the asthma patients would need inhalers. In that medicine cupboard medicine, family members should ensure that decongestants are present in order to help in such a case.

Over the counter pain killers

Some pains like backache, headache and joint aches are unprecedented. They can move from mild to severe and urgent attention would be needed. In that case, the kit needs to have the prescribed painkillers in order to ease pain. In case pain comes in the middle of the night, the ailing member will not need to wait until morning. They can take the pills and go back to sleep.

Coughing and fever medicine

Fever and coughing are common in small children and can worsen if due attention is not given. In that case, it is very important for the family members to ensure that fever reducers are present in that kit. They should also have cough medicine and it can be very effective.

Allergy medicine

There are various forms of allergy that attack different people. All forms of allergic reactions are triggered by various circumstances. These circumstances are to be prevented and when they cannot, the allergy medicine can be made available and they would act as first. Allergies should never be ignored as they can act as triggers to second stage illnesses.

Bandages and disinfectants

Bandages are very important especially when an injury has happened. Some cases cannot wait for hospitalization and thus need first aid care. In case of a cut, the disinfectants like Dettol and Spirit are very important in killing germs. After cleaning the wound and disinfecting it, a clean bandage can be used and such a patient can either heal or go to the hospital if the injury was severe.


To conclude, it is important to note that the above-mentioned essentials cannot be ignored in a medicine cupboard. Every family that puts the health of its members as a priority should consider having them as part of their first aid components and they will safeguard the family.

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