Co-sleeping with baby- how to stay safe
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Co-sleeping with baby- how to stay safe

Co-sleeping with babies is an important step towards building a foundation of safety for them. They feel secured when part of parenting is co-sleeping with them. However, not all co-sleeping techniques are recommended. Parents are supposed to understand the best forms of co-sleeping so as to keep them safe. In this article, how to stay safe when co-sleeping with babies will be discussed in detail.

Reduce excessive clothes and sheets from the bed

When the blankets and sheets are all over, it may lead to breathing obstruction. To a small child, this is very dangerous because it may end up suffocating them. In fact, only light weight blankets and sheets are recommended for babies. They don’t require as much heart as adults. In the same way, the light blankets and sheets are easy for the child to turn without struggling and therefore the best.

Avoid other children in the bed

Some children are very noisy and it can be very disturbing to a small baby. When you want to co-sleep the child, ensure that other children are out of the bedroom. They might decide to play and make noise which can significantly affect the child’s ability to sleep.

Get pets out of the bedroom

Pets like dogs and cats are very friendly to people. Some of them even sleep on beds with children. However, for small babies, always avoid having them near a sleeping baby. They scratch their fur and that can affects the child’s ability to breath. More so, they are animals and can predictable at times. Some like the cat can harm the child with the dangerous claws if aggressed.

Let the baby be old enough to sleep alone

If you are planning to have the baby transferred in another bedroom, ensure that the child is at least six months old and beyond. One year is also another better option if the child has to sleep in another bedroom. It reduces the risk of suffocating with blankets and chocking. The bigger the child, the stronger they are and the more they improve in terms of helping themselves.

Keep adult pillows, sheets and blankets away from children

Adults sweat a lot and their beddings can be of effect to small babies. Always ensure that adult beddings are not used by children. Some colognes and body lotions can have allergic scents that could be of negative effect to children. For that reason, always ensure that the baby has clean beddings that are not used by adults.


In conclusion, if the abovementioned steps can be followed accordingly, co-sleeping children would be a very safe experience. It would ensure health sleep and growth for babies.

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