5 Spring inspired crafting projects for all the family
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5 Spring inspired crafting projects for all the family

Spring has most definitely sprung, and it’s the perfect time to get out the craft box and start getting creative with the kids. Springtime can provide lots of inspiration for crafts, and they don’t need to be too complicated either. There are lots of Spring inspired crafts that are easy enough for all the family to enjoy together.

1. Hand print art

When I used to work as a childminder, handprint art was one of my all time favourite activities to do with the children. Not only did the kids love it, but the finished result was a lovely keepsake for the parents to look back on and remember how tiny their children were in years to come.

Spring can provide plenty of inspiration for handprint art, but one of my favourites is to create Spring flowers using handprints.

Handprint art

As well as looking really effective, this is also a really great, low budget option if you’re trying to cut back on spending at the moment.

2. Pebble art

Decorating pebbles has really grown in popularity over recent years thanks to the trend amongst children for hiding painted pebbles for somebody to find, and then the next person hiding the pebble somewhere new.

My children were always very attached to their painted pebbles and reluctant to hide them and never see them again, so we kept ours in a special place in our garden.

Pebble art can be as simple or as intricate as you like, so it’s great for all ages. You could even create pebbles as part of a memorial garden for a loved one – it’s a lovely way to create something special and help the children to remember a loved one. You could use this Your Wings Were Ready SVG or Blessed SVG.

Your wings were ready

3. Pressed flower art

When I was little, my Mum bought me a flower press one birthday, and finding and pressing flowers quickly became one of my favourite things to do. Pressed flowers can be used to create all kinds of things, from cards to celebrate a special occasion, to pictures to hang on the wall. So simple, easy and free too!

pressed flowers

4. Egg decorating

Egg decorating is a great activity around Easter time. All you need to do is hard boil some eggs (don’t forget to do this as you don’t want eggs breaking all over the places), allow them to cool, and just get creative with the paints or pens.

egg decorating

5. Decorate a plant pot

Spring is the perfect time to get out in the garden and start to freshen the place up. The fresh air is great for the body and the mind, and the kids will love putting their mark on the garden too. If you’ve got old plant pots, then let the children paint them in bright colours and plant some flowers in them. You might need to use a special paint depending on the material your pots are made from – just do your research before you start so that all that hard work doesn’t get washed away in the rain!

paint a pot

Spring really is the perfect time to get creative, there’s so much inspiration in the natural world around us!

*Collaborative post.

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